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Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, Birthday Gifts

If you have read my other blog, you will know that I received two birthday gifts, two real stone bangles from my dear husband. He is quite non-romantic type of person, so it was a surprised when he asked what I want for my birthday, and I told him I want a green Jade bangle. And viola! I got, not just one, but two bangles! A green Jade + a rose quartz. Cool! Thanks so much dearest!

Well, aside from that, I also got myself a gift. I’ve been drawn to handbags lately, something that I can use at the office, casuals or for everyday use. As expected I bought a bag, my first one from the Parfois line. It’s a maroon sling bag of faux leather (I think!) and the big deal was, the 50% off from its original price of P1998.00.

This bag will be of use when attending Sunday mass at our village, and inside you will find a 4oz feeding bottle, biscuit and baby wipes for the little girl. My birthday this year is sure fun and full of blessings. 

Thank You Dear Lord for my 37 years of existence and for more years to come.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

January 25, Birthday Cake!

January 25th, 37 years ago a little girl was born. She was named January, after a character in a movie that her mother had seen during her pregnancy, and good thing she delivered the baby also in the first month of the year. 

But because of “doctor’s secretary issue”, she was registered under the name “Baby Girl”. Three years later, after mom had seen the birth certificate, she applied to have it changed, hence, the baby girl is now carrying the name of January, and that’s ME! hehe

My 37the year of existence was celebrated together with my husband, two kids and my closest friends and sister in law at home.

Birthdays are not complete without the cake, that's the reason why I bought a small dedication cake at Goldilocks. 

Wonder why the cake looks like that? 

Well, while we were busy doing something else, the little boy picked up the cake, which unfortunately placed on top of the chair by our helper, that was within his reach,. The next thing we've seen, he was already carrying the box (with the cake in it) to the living room.

Anyway, it’s still looking like a cake… J

All smile for the birthday girl! Thank you Lord for another year!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cute Costumes for You Pet

I always wanted a small dog at home, preferably a “pug”.  But that small wrinkly, stocky dog with large and prominent eyes is too good to be true for me. Aside from the fact that I do not have a budget to get this cute yet expensive dog, I don’t have the courage to take care of him.

Anyway, just in case in the future a Santa will give me one,  I will make time to take care of him and put him into these cute costumes that I found at EntirelyPets.

The Star Wars Darth Vader and Yoda are really cute for Halloween.

And the one I’m so attracted at is the Triceratops costume. See, the dog really looks cute and Jurassic with the costume.


How about you, will you consider dressing up your pets with cute costumes?

January 21, Hands

I made a challenge for myself, for this blog. A photo challenge that I was only able to diligently composed until the 8th day, and lay low for 13 days until today that I have to take a photo of my hand.

My hand that once wore a college class rings here that I have bought after graduation, after I passed the board exam and after I got my first few months salary from my first employment. Few years of wearing the college class ring , I got tired and decided to keep the ring in my jewelry box.  

For more than six years now, I seldom wear rings except this simple two-toned wedding ring.

This is how my hand, my fingernails looks like without the manicure, the nail polish that I like. 

Before the week ends I hope to visit my favorite salon for a nail fix.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Dinner at Rosario’s Seafood Restaurant and Chinese Cuisine in Butuan City

One of the usual things we do when traveling with the boss on business trips is checking out and dining in one of the known local restaurants in the city. Last week, together with my boss and 3 other colleagues went to Butuan City to attend the quarterly coordination meeting with our partners in the power industry. The meeting went smoothly as we finished all the tasks and discussions ahead of time, and had more time to relax since our trip back home was still on the following day. 

On the rainy evening of January 7, 2015 five of us on board our service vehicle, went to restaurant hunting until realizing that I have internet connection with me. I googled for the nearest and best seafood restaurant in town and found two listed on the net the “Island Seafood Restaurant” and “Rosario’s Seafood Restaurant” none of us have tried to dine in either of the two. So we decided, whichever is the nearest from our location based on the GPS and landed at the Rosario’s Seafood Restaurant.

Son Got A Guitar from His Dad

One of the many talents that we can help our child develop is in the field of music. If he is not good in singing, maybe, playing an instrument is his area.

Last December, I saw this photo of a guitar that my brother posted on his FB timeline. A locally made guitar that he bought from the craftsmen in Cebu City. According to him, inside the guitar case he found a flyer that states Send for our free catalog.. I wonder it he sent it back.

Anyway, I talked to my nephew and he was so happy to receive the guitar from his dad. Maybe next time I’ll visit them, I’ll make sure to let him play for me.  

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Coffee + Cakes at Margie's Kitchen, Butuan + First Time Meet Up

While in Butuan, I got a chance to meet a fellow blogger, an online friend in person. She is the lady behind the blog The Unstressed. She fetched me at the hotel and off we went to Margies Bakeshop one of the best in the city, when in terms of sweet indulgence. 

The first thing I ordered when we arrived there was a cup of hot cappuccino. It was a rainy afternoon and something hot, especially coffee will boost me up. 

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