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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

One Saturday in September at Iligan City

One of the many things I love in the City of Waterfalls, is the feast of St. Michael the Archangel. The streets and highways of Iligan City are well decorated with colorful streamers and bantings, making the city a very festive one in the whole month of September.

Because we were in a hurry to meet with the dentist for hubby’s dental check-up and adjustment of my braces, then later to have my eye/eyeglasses checked, it was too late for me to realize that I needed to take some photos of the streets. Huh!

Anyway, even though I don’t have photos of the streets, I do have the photos of the food we had for dinner in celebration of a dear friend’s birthday which I’ll be sharing on my next post. Having to see our friends a.k.a aspiring musicians friends every time we are in the city is truly enjoyable, the chit chats, the food trips, the dramas and everything is truly an unforgettable experience. So I hope you can come back and check out my next post soon.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cotton Clouds

What I love most when flying is I got to see the clouds up close that is why as much as possible I want to sit near the window. 

The cotton like, the specks and whip formations are undeniably beautiful.

Friday, September 5, 2014

4 Tips for a Better Sleep

Are you getting better sleep? Nah…  none lately for me. Maybe because I was too stressed out during the day and when I reached home, instead of hitting the bed with the kids, I had to do some family responsibilities first. 

Work + family responsibilities + unexpected events are some of the factors that interfere good night sleeps, though I cannot avoid them, I’m pretty much convinced that I’ll do better with sleep with these 4 tips I’ve read online. Here they are;

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bowling Practice + the Swimming Pool

More than a week from now, we’ll be having the 2nd phase of our company sports tournament. Because we have few female players because of scarcity of women employees in our department, we are allowed to play unlimited events as long as it will not compromise the game schedule. 

Liked in the 1st phase, I’ll be playing again in 2 events in the 2nd phase, the bowling and dart. Frankly speaking, it was my first time to be involved in those two events. I bought dart pins and joined the practice which until now I can’t manage to get three pins on the same target and also joined the first bowling practice this afternoon. Bowling is a popular pastime and tournament sports, but sadly Cagayan de Oro City only has one bowling center, which is located in an exclusive subdivision. 

Moving forward after my first practice game I managed to get a total score of 90, hmmm beginner’s luck, and 2nd round was funny because most of the balls ended in the gutter, thus, I end up with a total score of 69. Ha! The game looks easy to play, but honestly, I find it hard to throw the ball straight. Maybe more practice I’ll be able to figure out the techniques of the game. 

Anyway, because heading back to the office, I took a photo of the swimming pool at the country club. I wish we were one of the homeowners and so that we can get to enjoy the amenities of the subdivision. Envious! 

The "Ber" Months have started

The “ber” months have started, and I can already smell Christmas in the air. The malls and department stores are already lining up their stalls and hallways of fabulous Christmas decors from the Holy Family figurines, Santa Clauses, Christmas trees and ornaments and a lot more. I am looking forward for more splendid displays at the malls soon, like the nativity SM had last year.


Seeing them reminds me that I have to take out our old Christmas decors that we had over the years. They may be old, but when I’ll incorporate it with beautiful and elegant ornaments like those radko from christmasplace, I’m sure it will be transform into a perfect Christmas arrangement.

How about you, have you started decorating your house for Christmas?

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pink and Purple Spring Flowers

Because some of our colleagues were not done with shopping for their families "pasalubong" yet, we went to the nearest shopping mall where we stayed in Shanghai, China. 

There are some shops that sell branded items at a lower price compared here in the Philippines but most of the items that I have known have almost the same price or more expensive than those we have here. So instead, I just roamed around and later went to our meeting place. 

While waiting for the rest, I took some photos of beautiful flowers in the planters along the coffee shop nearby. Because the colors were so vibrant in pink and purple, I did not hesitate taking some snaps using my Galaxy  Note 3 smartphone. 

And in the end, I went home from the mall not empty-handed at all.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Lone Sunflower

While hubby had to do the grocery at Gaisano Mall, I headed to Centrio Mall particularly to Rustan's Supermarket with a purpose to get a pack of rolled oats and a bottle of olive oil. The moment I entered Rustan's a lone sunflower in a plastic pot stands among the pretty cut flowers for sale.

I knew I had to take a photo of this ever gorgeous flower, I hurriedly took out my smart phone and captured a closer shot of the flower while the guard was looking at somewhere else. Just a snap has been enough, and I hurriedly left the spot before the guard had noticed

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