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Friday, October 2, 2015

Contemplating Ideas for a Christmas Tree Made from Recycled Materials

It was like yesterday I welcomed the beginning of ber months September, now I had said my goodbye and looking forward for October and the remaining months of the year. How time flies really fast and before we knew it is already Christmas.

One of the activities that we are looking forward in the office, is the Christmas d├ęcor making contest made from recycled materials. If last year the theme was “Christmas Parol”, this time it will be a Christmas Tree.
Our group lost the battle last year, this time we are determined to make it. As early as now I have to encourage the group, especially the young ones who recently joined our team to come up with ideas and start collecting items that we are going to recycle before it will be thrown to the pull out waste containers.

Anything from papers, cardboards, plastics, etc. found in our workplace that can be recycled are the some of the options we have. The challenge will be how to make it into a Christmas Tree. Let’s see, if our group can come with something unique and interesting.  Cross fingers…

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

12 Memorable Things I (We) Did During Our Hometown Vacation

The last time I went home to my hometown Zamboanga City was on July 2013. It was not a vacation, but a work related travel. I was pregnant then and had to stay most of the time at the checked-in hotel before and after our meeting.

This year, I have planned (which hubby agreed) and made use of the long weekend on August 28 – 31, 2015 to visit my brothers and their families in ZC, my parents grave and also attended for the first time the ZCHS Main 70th Alumni Homecoming.

Sunset at the Highway of Zamboanga City
August 28, 2015  (A proclaimed holiday here in Cagayan de Oro City to celebrate the Feast of St. Augustine), together with hubby, the two kids and the two Yayas, we left as early as 5:30AM (the earliest we can), trying our best to arrive in Zamboanga City before 5PM so that I can catch up with the ZCHS Main Torch Parade. In spite of having only a few minute stopover in Iligan City and Pagadian City to buy our takeout meals from Jolibee, we still arrived at past 5PM. An approximately 12 hours travel defensively, running at 60-80kph, plus the road repairs and traffics along the way. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

I Heart OC (Orange Claw)

It was already noon time when I finished my regular appointment with the dentist in Iligan City, three weeks ago. Hubby and I were already hungry and still trying to figure out which of the so many food venues to try, thank goodness he bought something at Poprock while waiting for me.

I remembered, our Ninang posted a new restaurant to try in the city. The concept was the same as the Red Tail here in Cagayan de Oro City. Seafoods were served in plastic transparent bags and you eat with your hands with disposable gloves.

Hubby and I decided to try and went to search the place, thanks to my officemate for the impromptu SMS for the direction/location. 

The place is pretty much noticeable because of the “I Heart OC” in front (OC stands for Orange Claw). We can see from the outside that there were only a few diners inside. Thank goodness! Because I heard that they were jam-packed on their soft opening.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

I Voted for Elha

I have seen the recently concluded The Vioice Kids Philippines Season 2  and I am really awed how these little children can actually sing like a pro. The Finale was a totally an exciting show, the music, the mixes the choreography, the lighting, the backdrafts, simply wonderful. It made me think where to get the best budget studio monitors for my niece recording project.  

Anyway, every Filipinos were looking forward who will emerge as the peoples’ choice, the grand champion. I myself voted for my favorite and turned out the grand champion herself Elha. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

GetGo the Lifestyle Rewards Program

After my trip to Iloilo on June 15, 2015, I received an email regarding the newest reward program called GetGo where we get points by choosing Cebu Pacific flights. Since, our work related travels requires us to fly from our based office to other places, I might as well get the card and see where the program will take me in the near future.

Becoming a member of GetGo is very easy. All I did was fill-in the details required on the website and paid the registration fee of P150 via credit card. After a week or two, my personalized GetGo membership card was delivered right on my doorstep.

I waited for almost 2 months before I made this post, as I need to check how it actually works. On July 29, 2015 I flew to Davao via Cebu Pacific I wasn’t able to supply my GetGo membership number when I booked the ticket. Instead, I have shown it to the Cebupac ground personnel when I check-in and was told that it will take two weeks at most before my points will be posted.

Monday, August 10, 2015

On Rock Band and Hardware Pack

Last night after watching The Voice Kids Philippines, I found myself watching a  tagalized (Tagalog dubbed) version Thai movie on Cinema One. It was a funny and entertaining story of high schoolers gay-boy band, called Rock Angels. The group had an exciting journey from joining the band competition and probably into the rock scene. It was so amusing seeing these youngsters play rock music and I assume they were using music equipment like mapex hardware pack.  
photo from internet
Mapex hardware pack usually consists of snare drum stand, cymbal stand, hi-hat stand, boom stand and single bass drum pedal. It has lightweight features yet very functional and  ideal for every drummer’s gig. If I am to buy these equipment for someone, I am sure to choose their line.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

My Newest Passion: Fabrics and Sewing

Lately, every time I visit Gaisano City I always drop by at the clothsection. I really love looking at the colorful fabrics displayed, imagining what to do with them. Hah! I am really getting hooked with sewing, I wish to improve my zero skill to something like making my own clothes. However, relying only with Youtube is not enough. I need interaction where I can ask questions right away. I am currently looking for a weekend school that teaches sewing, I hope to get in if my schedule during the weekend is already free.

In the meantime, I’ll continue practicing on my own with the help of the video tutorials. So far I was able to make, simple curtains, shorts and pajamas for my kids, bed foam covers and will soon make table covers and skirts with full color printed table skirting

Sewing is indeed fun, I felt very happy and satisfied every time I finish a project and I amlooking forward for more sewing adventures in the future. J
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