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Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Lone Sunflower

While hubby had to do the grocery at Gaisano Mall, I headed to Centrio Mall particularly to Rustan's Supermarket with a purpose to get a pack of rolled oats and a bottle of olive oil. The moment I entered Rustan's a lone sunflower in a plastic pot stands among the pretty cut flowers for sale.

I knew I had to take a photo of this ever gorgeous flower, I hurriedly took out my smart phone and captured a closer shot of the flower while the guard was looking at somewhere else. Just a snap has been enough, and I hurriedly left the spot before the guard had noticed

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Huangpu River Cruise in Shanghai China

After our tour at the Oriental Pearl Radio and Television Tower, we headed to the dock for our Huangpu River Cruise which we were scheduled to board the 11:00AM ferry.

The snake like river is the largest river in Shanghai about 114kilometers long and 400 meters wide with an average depth of 11 meters. Huangpu River divided Shanghai into east and west part, the Pudong and Puxi respectively. 
Cruising the Huangpu River lets tourists like us witness the development of Shanghai. You’ll be amazed with the well known the Bund, from the historical buildings that were preserved to the modern buildings made of steels and glasses aligning along the river bank.

These are some of the photos taken using my Galaxy Note 3 smartphone.

The cruise wharf taken before boarding.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Spring Flowers near Oriental Pearl Tower

It was the beginning of spring when we went to Shanghai, China. Spring flowers bloom not only in Nanjing Road, but in most of the side streets where planters are located. The entire city must be blossoming with different flowers with striking colors at the peak of Spring, how I wished I had stayed longer to see them.

Monday, August 11, 2014

A Tour at the Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower in Shanghai China

April 5, 2014 was one special day for me, because as a first timer in China, particularly in Shanghai, seeing the iconic Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower that I got to see on the television is already a dream come true. Especially when the travel was an all expenses paid by the company and the sponsor. 

The tour guide’s target was for us to be at the Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower before the 8AM opening time. We arrive there at 7:00AM and the entrance was already jam-packed with foreign as well as local tourists. Using our passports, our guide got us tickets for the tower tour and the River-Cruise. I forgot to borrow one of the tickets for photographic purposes. I think the admission fee was around ¥120-220 depending on the area you want to visit. In our case I think we got the combo ticket, because we explored the upper sphere + the river cruise.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Spring Flowers in Nanjing Road Shanghai China

My series of China trip blog posts is not over yet, I still have a few more to write about. Even now I'm still grateful and blessed to be selected to attend a work related training in China and experience travel abroad for free. 


I realized it was already spring in China when we got there, because of these beautiful blooms you can almost anywhere in Shanghai. If I was able to catch a few of the cherry blossoms in the city of Nanjing, here in Nanjing Road in Shanghai these spring flowers were flourishing.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Once Upon a Time in Nanjing Road, Shanghai

A day tour was allocated after our training. Since our exit is in Shanghai we made arrangement that instead of having the tour in Nanjing, we’ll have it in Shanghai, and fortunately our sponsor agreed.

Together with the tour guide that our sponsor hired, off we went to Shanghai after our breakfast on Friday April 4, 2014. 

After a 4-hour drive, we arrived at Shanghai just in time for lunch. Mr. Chen, our tour guide took us to a restaurant that serves Chinese dishes;

Have I asked our tour guide to read the characters written? I think so, but I completely forgot what he said. 

We had about 14 dishes served in front of us + rice, house tea, Minute Maid orange juice and a bottle of Tsingtao Beer.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Some Hybrid Adeniums at Sarangani Highlands

Adenium, Impala Lily, Dessert Rose or locally known as Bangkok Kalachuchi from the family Apocynaceae is one common houseplant that produces beautiful blooms. It can live for years and is a favorite plant subject of bonsai enthusiasts. My mom actually made a few in the past, and are now residing in my big brothers home.  

I have only seen the white and the more common pink dessert roses in my 36 years of existence until last week that I've seen 3 more of its variants personally. These variants are what we called the hybrids, cultivated to produce more distinct colors.   
Blooming brilliantly in Sarangani Highlands, General Santos City are the following;

Golden to pale yellow from inner throat to outward petals with uneven specks of pink. 

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